About This Witch

Merry Meet!

I am a 30-something mother of 3 living in south-western Ontario, Canada. I have been following Paganism since my late teens but came out of the broom closet in mid 2010. 

I would describe myself as a solitary eclectic kitchen witch.  I do incorporate my children into my spell work when possible.

I love trying to incorporate the Wiccan path into our daily activities and my Witchlets are very fond of trying new things as well.  We have our daily nature walks and their favourite place to visit is our "Witchy Tree" (conveniently located between "Fairy Grove" and "Fairy Tree" and just east of "Troll Bridge").  I believe it is important to let their imagination soar to heighten their creativity.

We also have three fur-babies that help to fill our home with love: one long-haired chihuahua that rarely leaves my side, a young calico cat, and a pure black beast-of-a-cat... after all, every witch needs a black cat, right?!

The cat pictured on the right was a beloved pet of mine... Sadly, last year she passed away at the grand age of 18!

Blessed Be

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  1. Love the post it days. Neat idea. )0( cyeramontgomery on FB.

  2. Hey, I love this blog. Just thought it appropriate to say so, as I have been reading for a while but have only recently begun blogging.