Friday, May 13, 2016

Revisiting the Unlucky Day

A few years ago, we discussed 13 facts about Friday the 13th.  I thought we would revisit this topic and discuss the origin of the unlucky day.

Although it is unknown exactly how this day became to be known as unlucky, although there are a few instances in early history, fear of this day is believed to have firmly gasped public attention in the 1800s.  Superstitions regarding Fridays and the number 13 had been in the mind's eye for hundreds of years prior to this however the two were not generally associated together until the Middle Ages.

13 is unlucky...
  1. It is believed that fear of 13 stems back to early Christian Religion.  Judas (the betrayer of Jesus) was the 13th guest at the Last Supper.  Now it should be noted, it is believed that the Last Supper was held on a Thursday.
  2. In Norse Legend, Odin also had a dinner party in which the 13th (uninvited) guest - Loki - caused problems.  
  3. In Hindu belief, it is unlucky for 13 people to congregate together for any purpose.  
Are you seeing a re-occurring theme here? 

Friday is unlucky...
  1. The name “Friday” was chosen in honor of the Norse goddess Frigg, also known as Freyja, who was the multitalented goddess of love, beauty, wisdom, war, death, and magicEventually Christian faith tried to convince the Masses that the Goddess was demonic, and thus, the day associated with her became "evil".
  2. Although the calendar was not in place yet, it is believed that the day Eve gave Adam the forbidden fruit, thus expelling them from the Garden of Eden, was a Friday.
Friday and 13... Together at last...
  1.  Although this seems to be a modern notation, and it not documented in history, it is believed that the Knights Templar were arrested on Friday, October 13, 1308.
  2. King Harold II refused to relinquish his crown to William of Normandy on Friday, October 13, 1066.  And it was forcefully taken the next day and caused King Harold's death.  Again, it is a modern notion looking back, listing this day as the ultimate in unlucky days.
Psychologists are quick to point out that when something negative occurs on a day it is permanently etched into our memory and that belief will outweigh all of the times this unlucky day was uneventful.  So basically, it is our collective subconscious that has deemed Friday the 13th unlucky and when you believe strongly in something, it often comes to fruition. 
For those that are fearful of this day, remember the most it can occur is 3 times in one year.  However it is possible to go 14 months without the 13th landing on a Friday.

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