Friday, May 1, 2015

Pagan Blog Prompts: May 2015

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:: May Blog Prompts ::

  1.  Beltane!!  What does this Sabbat mean to you?  How will you celebrate?
  2.  Fire is an important symbol of Beltane.  Do you use ritual fires - either in form of candle lighting or bonfire?
  3. My patron God is....
  4. Tools of the Trade: Do you have a cauldron?
  5. Being Creative: Do you have a faery garden?  How do you attract the fae into your life?


5 Thoughts:

  1. These are wonderful. I haven't posted much this month so need the inspiration. I was pleased to see you list my blog The Domestic Witch as a blog you frequently visit. Thanks so much! I wanted to let you know I can now be found at and the onld link no longer works.

  2. Love your site here's a link to my website:

  3. Loving the prompts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I totally want to get back into doing this. It was so relaxing and fulfilling... Hope you've been well my friend.