Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pagan Blog Prompts: March 2015

Ohh my Gods! I am behind... I had thought I had "scheduled" this post... turns out I just saved it.  Sorry for the delay Witches!  And thank you for letting me know of the problem!!

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:: March Blog Prompts ::
  1.  Spring is coming!  Will you be planting an herb garden?
  2. My favourite herb for magickal uses is....
  3. An herb I have never used, but would like to add to my herb cabinet is....
  4. Tools of the Trade:  How do you store your herbs?
  5. Being Creative: Write a "garden gowth" spell or blessing.


3 Thoughts:

  1. I did them!! Next month I'm gonna try to do one a week to spread it out a little. :)