Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blown Away...

 Each year, the weather here in Southwestern Ontario Canada seems to be getting more and more extreme.  I was monitoring the Ontario Tornado Watch FB page this afternoon and new updates were posted constantly.  The sky grew dark and the wind become progressively stronger.

I am a constant worrier - I seem to inherited that "awesome" quaility from my Nanny.  So of course I continued to ponder the "what if a tornado strikes" scenerio.

Each year, the kids and I put together a tornado kit to store in the basement incase we need to retreat there to seek shelter from extreme weather.  My basement is a glorfied crawl space, so my kit will likely contain several things that many deem unneccesary, but this is MY kit and I will construct it as I see fit so that my family is taken care of and possibly entertained during an emergency.

I use 2 large Rubbermaid containers.

The first is filled with blankets and one change of clothing for each of us.  I also stuff some batteries in this container and a dog leash.  It is my eldest daughter's job to grab the dog in the event of bad weather and I do not want her worrying about finding his leash.  There is also a few thin books, colouring books and a package of crayons. Now, I can hear you asking what about the cats -- while I do love my feline familiars, I have faith that they will survive on their own.  Have you ever tried to grab a cat during bad weather?!  Mine are NOWHERE to be found!!

Box number 2 is the important one.  A first aid kit and working flashlight is added; as well as an inhaler (my daughter and I both have asthma - any prescription medications should also be added). Copies of important papers and documents should be included.  In conjuction to the documents, I add a USB drive of family pictures.  My house was struck by lightning shortly after my first daughter was born and I lost all the pictures from the first 3 months of her life.  I swore that would never happen again. Besides, USB drives do not take up much room.  Of course, food (don't forget that can opener!!).  My children each pack some canned food and packaged foods that will not spoil - remember the food for the pets!!  Water is essential - one gallon per person per day is recommended and you should store enough for 3 - 4 days.  A small amount of cash and/or a debit card is wise as well.  Candles and matches are added next.

Many survival experts also recommend that you learn how to shut off the water/gas/power to your house in case you are instructed to do so by authorities.  You may want to include written instructions in your kit.  On the shelf next to my kit is a working battery-operated radio.

The witchlets and I also include some witchy magic bottles: a protection bottle, a strength bottle and a sweet dreams bottle (the later one is my youngest daughter's contribution - to help her sleep).

There are many sites - including governement ones - to assist you in assembling your emergency kit.  No one wants to think of disasters happening to them, but everyone should be prepared.  Do you have an emergency kit ready??

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