Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Magickal Place

The Nature Park - about a 2 minute walk from our home - has always been a magickal place for the Witchlets and I.  While walking the trails we have discovered "Faery Grove", "Faery Tree", "Troll Bridge", "Green Man Tree", "Narnia", "Meditation Tree", and "Witchy Tree" (pictured).  With the exception of Troll Bridge, the Witchlets have named all of these locations and they all have a special meaning.  This spring (assuming I can find a working camera) I hope to take more pictures of these magickal places.

Pictured is "Witchy Tree".  My sister and I used to come to this tree for much of our spell work.  There is something uniquely beautiful about this tree and its calming presence.

Where are your favourite magickal locations, Witchy Readers?


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  1. you are so lucky to have such a beautiful place on your doorstep. I love the power of the sea but live 2 1/2 hours away, close enough to get a sea fix every now and then! If you would like to visit back my page is, blessings to you, Alison xx