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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Letting Go of the Old

Brightest Blessing Witches!!

It has been a while since my last entry but I stumbled across a post on Facebook today that I wanted to share with you all.

PLEASE NOTE: this spell was posted on/by ONEPOT WITCHERY - its a wonderful facebook page and you really should check it out if you are not already a fan...

You will need: a large white, small black candle, angelica root if you have it and lavender, YOUR OWN OIL (you should just witch together what vibes to you)
 We all look back upon our dreams,
As some were meant not to be,
So Dear Goddess remove,
The desire of them from me!
As I have come so very far,
I realise the desire of them mars,
And keeps me from a brand new start!
I know dear Goddess you have a path for me,
I know this path I can't always see.
I will no longer get in your way,
So fill me with a new dream
And new desires this day!
Uplift me and help me see,
The path I am on is meant for me!
Help me reach out to those in need,
And fulfill my purpose with golden deeds!
Sometimes I look back and see,
Realizing why you didn't answer me,
From my path I stried to stray,
But it has got me where I am today!
So take away any leftover desire,
So my spirit my soar higher and higher,
And give to me a brand new dream,
A new purpose to be seen! )O(

THIS SPELL is best followed by a salt bath or shower. The putting on of something new, or the doing of something new (even if its trying new food) so that the intent is given. Open yourself up fresh like a newborn and be excited and expectant and the new year will turn your path in the most amazing directions, if you just let go!