Monday, January 23, 2012

Practical Magick Ezine Edition 4

Edition 4 of the ezine is now available for download!!

This is my Imbolc Issue.  There is a yummy recipe from Jarrid and an amzing Bewitching Buy from Moonlit Herbals.


{January 2012 Issue HERE}


3 Thoughts:

  1. The article about lavender was fantastic! I always enjoy learning all there is to know about herbs and medicinals. Witches use herbs for numerous things, but planting specific herbs in certain locations within your garden is supposed to help protect it and allow it to flourish!

  2. I really enjoy the articles about herbs! Lavender is just beyond magnificent, a true favorite of mine!! I have begun to learn about how past witches used to plant specific herbs in their gardens and plant them in special areas that help protect the garden and allow it to flourish. I love learning all about herbs and medicinals.

  3. So glad you enjoyed it Jarrid! Thank thank you again for your fabulous recipes! )O(