Friday, January 27, 2012

44 Days of Witchery: Background

Q: What is your Witchy background?

A: I am an Eclectic Solitary Wiccan - this simply means I incorporate both traditional and newer Wiccan practices into my beliefs.  My practices are solitary for the most part, although I do quite a bit of my spell work with mt sister.   I would also classify myself as a Kitchen/Domestic Witch.  This is a unique term in Wicca and focuses on honouring the mundane in life.

I was raised in a Christian path, but have had an intertest in Paganism since my mid teens.  I only fully adopted a Wiccan lifestyle about 3 years ago.  Parental and community thoughts and beliefs played a large roll in my hesitation.  Since embracing the Craft, I live a happier, more fulfilling life and I am one with nature.


1 Thoughts:

  1. It certainly sounds like you've found your path, when I first looked at Wiccan beliefs and lifestyle, funnily enough after meeting you! I found alot of it to be beautiful, and the stereotypes and negativity surrounding it are not justified.. maybe oneday I'll post my views on it though it's not something I'd normally do, but hey why not? x As for me, if I'm to be honest, and this may surprise some, but, I've never found anything to believe in that's right for me. Just say I'm open minded, and a thinker, I like to learn and understand yet all the pieces have to fit together.