Friday, December 9, 2011

KWW: On a Friday?!

I had every intention of posting a KWW on Wednesday... but time just slipped away from me.  So here is my Kitchen Witch Wednesday... on Friday!!

I love this simple Alphabet - I have it posted on  Enjoy :)

Kitchen Witch's Alphabet

Always stir in a clockwise motion
Before you chop veggies, offer thanks
Cut mindfully, gratefully
Do all preparations in a loving spirit
Energize food with good thoughts
Feast gratefully
Give and share what you can spare
Home and hearth are sacred
Invoke blessings of Goddess on all food
Join hands with friends often
Kindness shows in serving food
Love goes into every dish
Mindfully gather ingredients
No wasting - recycle, compost, feed animals
Open your senses, enjoy your surroundings
Play as well as work
Quench thirst, thinking of clear clean rivers
Resolve to be grateful & waste not
Salivate as you smell fragrance & anticipate flavors
Thank the Universe & Goddess for health
Use utensils carefully, then clean up
Value time spent with loved ones
When possible grow & harvest your food
eXtra food is for creative recombining
Yearly rituals & feasts build traditions
Zestful living in every area is our goal.

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4 Thoughts:

  1. I love the witches alphabet you shared.
    I've never read it before now.

    I'm late on my KWW *lol* I can't believe its Thursday already!!

    I'm going to be making and decorating sugar cookies with a dear friend. I'm SO excited!!
    She's even curious about wicca. Believe in my magickal oils I make. So that feels really good that she doesnt think everything I'm learning is a joke or evil. :D

  2. Hi Emberlyn! I know your busy hon. But I am just stopping by with my KWW post *smiles*

  3. I love the Alphabet! I'd like to share it, and link back to you, if that's okay.