Saturday, October 22, 2011

Songs for Pagan Children

We Give Thanks (sung to “Ring Around The Rosie”)

Goddess in the Heavens
Goddess in the fields
Thank you, thank you
For all that Gaia yields!

Mighty God of Forests
Creating Nature’s wealth
Thank you, thank you
For our strength and health!

The Hocus Pocus (sung to “Hokey Pokey”)

With smoke and oil we bless, and leave behind distress, and in our ritual dress, our kinship we profess.
Now standing in the circle, we are waiting begin
Bringing the magic in!

To the directions call, we must include them all, to build a circle wall, and hold a magic ball.
We build a Cone of Power, used to make a spell come true
Power from me and you!

We take a candlestick, call to the Goddess quick, and then we light the wick, that oughta do the trick.
We put our Magic in it and we aim it really well
That’s how to cast a spell!

The Cakes and Ale we share, the Witches present there, the wealth the Goddess sends, and then the circle ends
Into the Hocus Pocus thought and energy we put

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