Friday, June 3, 2011

Magickal Herb Friday: Chives

Chives are very abundant in my garden this year!  The season has only just begun here and I have already had to "harvest" my chives 3 times!!  I think they are one of my favourite culunary herbs... fragrant and easy to maintain, they add flavour to any dish.

This herb has a reputation of chasing away evil spirits and disease.  It is usually planted outside the windows of young children and brought indoors to the kitchen.  It was not uncommon to have chive bundles hanging from ceilings and tied to bedposts in ancient times.

Chives are best suited for cullinary purposes.   They are best if added
last to a dish (when cooking) because cooking causes much of the flavour to be lost.  It should also be noted that large quantities of this herb may cause stomach irritaion.

Gender:  Male
Planet:  Mars
Element:  Fire
Astrological:  Scorpio


1 Thoughts:

  1. My Chef's use chives in their general herb mix at the restaurant I work at. It goes into every dish. Their flowers are so lovely, too!