Monday, June 6, 2011

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

I recently purchased the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards (by Doreen Virtue).  I am really loving them... they are beautifully illustrated and are helpful in teaching the various goddesses.  Within the instructional booklet there is also a card consecration spell - which I will be doing very soon - I just can't wait to use these cards!

Would you be interested in having a weekly card posted?


5 Thoughts:

  1. I'll have to look into those, they sound awesome. I absolutely love my new(ish) tarot cards.

  2. oh yeah do it, I love those cards I use them all the time x

  3. I'd be really interested in a weekly card. I want to get better at knowing the cards (well I want to start again) I have the Hidden Path deck which I absolutely love the imagery and I just got the Universal deck thinking that it might be easier to learn on.

  4. I like getting oracle card readings. I find them accurate, and most insightful on career and relationships.

    This is the bulk of my psychic reading work!