Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are you Wiccan?

A few days ago, I was feeling crafty and I made the family matching pentigram bracelets.  The eldest witchlet was especially proud of hers and used it for Share Time at school. 

That night I recieved a note from her teacher....
[Your daughter] showed me her bracelet today - a pentacle.  Do you call yourselves Wiccan or Witches? ....  I asked [your daughter] how she felt about the portrayal of witches in the fairy tales we have been studying and she said it upset her a bit....
 There was more to the letter, but this is the just of it.  I ended up writing a whole page as a response!  I indicated that I would be more than happy to discuss our practices with her if she desired, I explain why my daughter was a little upset about witches in fairytales.  Over all I am happy that her teacher isn't judgemental... I just wish we'd been able to have this discussion earlier in the year as it would have made taking the kids out of class for Sabbats much easier!


7 Thoughts:

  1. That bracelet is adorable! So happy to hear that your daughter's teacher isn't judgmental.

  2. If only more teachers could be like this!

  3. Thank you @Hailey Marie

    I know what you mean SushiQ - I hope her teacher in upcoming years are this open-minded


  4. Wow! That makes me somewhat hopeful for when my Witchling heads off to school. Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree with Hailey, those braclets are too cute!

  5. Thank you!
    And good luck when your witchlings begin school :)

  6. I'm pleased that the teacher actually asked about your belief system and what you preferred to be called. It shows that she is respectful of all beliefs and wants to address things correctly when speaking about it! Very cool!

  7. Bandhura - yes I am quite please as well :D