Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post-It Tuesdays - Witchy Style

I see "Post-It Note Tuesday" on alot of blogs... but there really are no wtichy versions... so I've decided I am going to participate in Post-It Note Tuesdays... but add a witchy twist.

If you want to play along, I have made a button that you can grab (below).  Please make the post-its witchy related in some way - a spell, chant... herb wishlist... anything - Be creative!!  Don't forget to pop over HERE to make your sticky notes.


Here's the button code if you would like to grab it to link back:


8 Thoughts:

  1. Lovely idea! I'm all for showing my witchiness through words. I'm grabbing the button, and now that that I see what you can do, I must invite you to check out Pagan Fiction in 113 Words or less. Won't you come over to Pagan Culture and write some really short witchy fiction?

  2. Awesome idea! Totally snagging a button. Thanks! :D

  3. Thanks for playing along ladies! )O(

  4. I actually just read the post-it. How sweet and to the point--as it should be. Thanks for letting me play ;-)

  5. My first Witch Snarls Post-it Tuesdays!


    Thought I would share ;-)

  6. definatly grabing a button! Love this idea!

  7. i am new on blogger and cant figure out how to add this to my page....or do anything else with my page....help?