Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KWW: Onion Banishing Spell

Banishment spells can be used for a variety of reasons - to rid yourself of an unwanted person, feeling or habit.  I have listed this as a kitchen witch spell because the main ingredient is an onion.  Banishment spells are best preformed during the waning moon.

You will need:
>> an onion
>> pen/paper
>> knife

Upon the paper, write the object of your banishment - for example, your bad habit, three times.
Cut out and hollow a section of the onion.
Taking care not to break or separate the onion, insert your paper into this hole.
"Close" the onion by replacing the cut out section (or outter peel).

Hold the onion in your hands, focusing your will on the object of banishment.
Bury (or burn and bury) the onion OFF of your property to rid yourself of the object of your banishment.

Good luck!

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4 Thoughts:

  1. Stinky!!! lol! Sounds good, might give it a go, it's certainly the right time of year and moon phase to do such a spell.

    (PS - Thanks for the comments on my blog and I've added your button to mine) x

  2. When I read the post's title, I had a biiiig brain glitch: "Onion banishing spell? Who would want to banish an onion?" But this sounds like a good idea!

  3. HAHAHA perhaps I should choose my titles more carefully LOL

  4. This is really interesting and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it a lot. Please do more blogs in the future. Thank you and God bless to the blogger!