Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Blessings

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With Spring on our doorstep it's always good to give our gardens a little boost.
I posted this as part of my Post-It Note Tuesday post yesterday but the spell was too long for a post-it note... even the shortened version was cut off... so here is the full Garden Blessing Spell that I use each spring.

>> Bless a Spring Garden <<

  • 1 qt of milk
  • seeds or plants
  • 1/2 cup of honey
  • 2 stakes for each garden row
  • 2 qt container
  • pastel ribbon (one for each stake)
  • Small branch with buds on it
Take all the materials outside to the garden. Mix the milk and honey together and pour it into a container.
Place the branch in the container and set it aside.
Poke a stake in the ground at the beginning and end of each row, then sow the seeds and/or set the plants. Tie a ribbon bow around each stake, saying to the seeds & the plants in that row:
"Perfect love, I give to you.
Sprout and thrive with life anew."
Pick up the container and using the branch, asperge the garden with milk and honey
Consecrate it saying:
"Milk and honey flow through out,
Fertilize each seed and sprout.
Maiden, Green Man, dance & play,
Twirl and laugh here everyday.
Bring lush growth and green this spot
Every where you skip and walk."
Water the garden thoroughly and tend to its need each day.

5 Thoughts:

  1. Very beautiful! We're snow bound again now so going to look into indoor gardening some and hopefully things thaw out soon....

  2. We just got blasted with about round of snow too :(

  3. What fun! I love spring even though I am not having much of one this year! LOL
    Witchy Hugz
    P.S. I am stealing your botton.

  4. Same here Inis... winter just keeps hangin on...