Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KWW: A Shout Out and a Spell

For today's Kitchen Witch Wednesday, I want to give a shout out to a new podcast I discovered this morning.Cooking by Moonlight from Jennifer (Confessions of a Kitchen Witch).  This podcast discusses making meals magickal... it's definately worth a listen.

Now on to the spell for today.

Everyone wants a happy home.  Why not promote happiness with this simple potion.

Simmer together a handful of rose petals, lavender, mint and a pinch of sea salt.  Keep an eye on the water leave so that you do not burn your pot.  Stir your mixture (clockwise) with a wooden spoon.  As the lovely aroma fills your home say the following:
By the powers of fire and air, I cleanse this space, and banish all negativity from this home.
By the powers of water and earth, I consecrate this space, and invite the energies of prosperity, health and harmony into this home.
This mixture can also be heated in a potourri simmerer, but obviously, you will not be able to use your wooden spoon.


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  1. Hiya – just a head’s up. I picked you and your fabulous blog for a Stylish Blogger Award.