Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding Your Totem Animal Guide

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 Finding your animal guide or totem is a personal journey that many Pagans are interested in.  Use your gut instinct, take notice of what animal you are drawn to, or what seems to come to you in your dreams. meditations and nature walks.

Spell for Finding your Animal Guide:
On a piece of parchment paper or notebook paper write this incantation down and after saying the incantation place it under your pillow before retiring to bed.

Guardians of the dream world,
I call you to my side.
Reveal my animal, my protector and my guide.
Show me the beauty and grace in the radiant eyes of my guardian's face.

A guided meditation may also be helpful in discovering your animal guide.  Try to find a partner to assist you while you meditate.  Have your partner say the following while you meditate and focus on their words **:

You are standing in the middle of a lush, healthy forest. You can feel moist earth, bits of branch and bark, and small stones underneath your bare feet, and your hands rest on the rough mossy surface of a tall oak tree. You can smell the water after the morning rain all around you, leaving the forest misty and cool, glistening on the leaves and in tiny pools on the ground. The forest smells of pine and oak, birch and cedar, wet bark and damp earth, and fresh wind and rain.

Look above you to the canopy of the trees; the sky is brilliant blue through the gaps in the leaves, wispy white clouds draping the heights. The Sun shines full and bright upon the forest, turning the leaves above into dappled stained-glass of different shades of green. You reach down into a small pool and touch your lips with clear, fresh rainwater, tasting its cool pureness. The wind comes through the leaves, whispering off of branch and bush, singing its own song. The birds are singing that song as well, cheerfully filling the forest with their calls, accented by the occasional frog's note. Look at the forest around you. Touch it, smell it, taste it, and hear it. Now feel the forest, inside and out. Feel all the elements, the wind and water, the earth and the sun, and the love of the Gods all around you. Become part of that forest.

See yourself walking down a path - the path will look as you see it, and feel it. The path is your walk with your spirituality, your is the path that we all walk in different ways. Follow the path until it leads you to a grove of birch trees, tall and slender and glowing white in the sunshine. The outside of the circle is lined with beautiful wildflowers; a pool of deep, clear water stands in the middle and nine stones enclose the circle round. The sun shines bright and full overhead, and the sky moves quickly as the wind brushes its ever-moving veil of clouds along. Stand at the entrance for a moment, using all of your senses to feel the grove. When it feels right, move to wherever is calling you - the rocks, the water, the flowers..... whatever one you feel is the best for you, and is where you belong.

Close your eyes in the meditation and feel the warm sun on your face, the cool breeze through your hair, the dew on your feet and the rock beneath you. Sit and listen to all the sounds the forest makes, especially the animals. Think about how much you would like for your animal guide to come and speak to you in such a beautiful and meaningful place. Don't speak, but just listen to the forest and its creatures; hear the trees speaking, and the wind, and the animals. If you wait long enough, you may hear footsteps through the brush into the grove. Your guide will stand before you from whichever direction it emerged. Thank it for coming, and then talk to it for as long as it is willing to stay.
Be sure to ground yourself after the meditation.  Good luck!

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  1. Nice meditation. I'll have to try it sometime. Though I think my totem animal guide is currently huddled up in his cage fluff dreaming about ferreting away sunflower seeds. Hamsters make fun friends, but I don't know if they could concentrate enough to guide. It would be something along the lines of, "So you come asking about your past lives and - ooh! What's that? Where'd I bury my food? Ah! Tall person! Predator! Run! Eat! Stuff cheek pouches! I'm sorry, what were you asking me about? Did it involve treats?" :p

  2. Re: Hampster Ohh too funny *hehe*