Friday, February 25, 2011

Magickal Herb Friday: Angelica

I've decided to start a new feature here... Fantastic Herb Friday!!  Hopefully every Friday, I will teach you about a new herb.  Each entry will either have a recipe and/or a spell/blessing using said herb.
Now on to this week's herb: ANGELICA!

This versatile herb has many uses.  Medicinally speaking, it has an antibacterial component, preventing the growth of various bacteria in the body.  When used as a facial wash infusion, it can prevent acne.And a powder made from the dried root can assist with athlete's foot as well as an insecticide and pesticide.  It may relieve tension headache, diuretic, beneficial to the stomach and digestion.  It should be noted, large doses can negatively affect blood pressure, heart, and respiration due to it's effect on the menses, if you are pregnant, it can cause miscarriage.

"Medicinal" Angelica Tea: To 1 tsp. dried Angelica root add 1 cup boiling water steep 15 to 20 min. take throughout the day and at bedtime.

Angelica is a masculine herb, associated with the sun and the element of fire.  It is ruled by the planet Venus and id associated with Beltane.  The incense may be used in spells of protection and exorcism.  Carrying the root is also used for protective talisman.  When used for divination purposes, smoking the leaves may induce visions.  This herb works by both creating a barrier against negative energy, and by filling it's user with positive energy.  This herb can also be used for removing curses and hexes.

Peaceful Home Spell Bag

• One hair from each member of the household
• Blue thread or fine string
• A piece of angelica root
• Chamomile oil
• Balm of Gilead buds
• Lavender blossoms
• Chamomile blossoms
• Small blue fabric bag

  1. Twist and braid the hairs together with the blue thread, then tie them around the piece of angelica root. Rub a small drop of chamomile oil over the bundle.
  2. Put the tied root along with the Balm of Gilead, chamomile and lavender into the bag and tie it (or sew it) closed. Place it in a central spot in the house, like the kitchen or living room. It will help diffuse any tensions and negative energy flowing in the house.

Remember to always consult a doctor before using any herbal remedies.


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