Monday, January 31, 2011

Goddess: Brigid

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Brigid is the Celtic goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth) is celebrated in many European countries. She is also known by many names, including Saint Brigid who may be one of the most powerful religious figures in Irish history.

Brigid was first worshipped in ancient times as the daughter of the great Irish god Dagda, the 'Good Father'.  She had two sisters who were also named Brigid. Brigid is often now known as a Triple Goddess (encompassing all three sisters)... however unlike most triple Goddesses represented by the chronicalogical aspects of womanhood, these "Brigid"s are of the same generation and are distinguished by their responsibilities.
  • Brigid, the 'Fire of the Hearth', was the goddess of fertility, family, childbirth and healing.
  • Brigid, the '"Fire of the Forge', was like the Greek goddess Athena, a patroness of the crafts (especially weaving, embroidery, and metalsmithing), and a goddess who was concerned with justice and law and order.
  • Brigid, the 'Fire of Inspiration', was the muse of poetry, song history and the protector of all cultural learning.

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