Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On top of the tree...

When my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas together (before I became a practicing Wiccan) we purchased an angel for the top of our tree.  It took alot of hunting to find the perfect one.  And I really fell in love with her once we had found her.  This Christmas I wanted something a little more Pagan for the tree, but I just couldn't part with the serene, beautiful face of our angel.  My darling sister had an idea - she found some faery wings to attach to the angel and added a bead belt with a spiral triskele key dangling from it.  I also want to make a small beaded headpiece for her... Just small additions, but it makes my angel look less "Christian" and more Pagan.


1 Thoughts:

  1. nice idea. I love my angels, and they are gold so i think of them as being simply gold fairies. Nice ideas for making them more pagan.