Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magickal Carpet Powder

Nothing smells better then the fresh aroma of a clean house.  Freshen up your carpets with this simple recipe.  The baking soda will help to remove old odours and the herbal mixes will refresh the carpet fibres.  Your carpet should hold the scent for 3 days before fading out.

Herbal Carpet Freshener
  1. Using your mortar and pestle, crush your herbs/flowers/resins to release the fragrance.  The amount of herbs you use is really up to you.
  2. Add your herbs 1 cup of baking soda.  If the baking soda has masked the aroma, you need more herbs.  Your mixture should be very fragrant.
  3. Secure the lid on your conatiner and SHAKE WELL to mix the herbs and the baking soda.  The mixture is most effective when fully blended.
To Use
  • Sprinkle onto carpets.  Make sure to thoroughly covers the carpet area, but refrain from sprinkling it in excess. You do not want to drown the carpet a thin coating is actually most effective.
  • Allow the mixture to set for 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming up.

NOTE: You can use various herbal combinations to suit your needs.
Try making a Sweet Dreams Powder combining lavender, linden flowers, peppermint, thyme, valerian and/or chamomile.  How about a Home Protection Powder with a combination of chrysanthemum, cinnamon, cloves, dragon's blood and/or honeysuckle.

Be creative and blessed be!


4 Thoughts:

  1. I love this I make these all the time, never with these combinations but i will try them. i think it's so much cleaner when you have made it yourself no? And there's none of the guilt of using the store bought one. Yay thanks for sharing

  2. I completely agree!
    And it's much more eco-friendly :D

  3. When I make mine I pore it into an old sock and shake it onto the carpet, makes for a good lite coat.