Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deities: Freyja

Freyja is my matron Goddess.
I am drawn to her, I resonate with her.

She is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and fertility but also witchcraft/magick, war and death.  She is a patron of crops and birth.  Freyja is a symbol of sensuality.  She is similar to the Egyptian goddess Isis and the Greek goddess Aphrodite and you should call on her for matters of the heart.

It is said that Feyja taught magick to women and introduced Odin (the High God of Norse mythology - ruler of Asgard) to runes and shamanism.  She is often referred to as the Queen of the Witches.
Frejya is the owner of the necklace of BrĂ­singamen (meaning flaming or glowing).  It is said that when she wears this necklace skyclad, she is irrestable to all. She also posesses the Cloak of Falcon Feathers which she uses to shape-shift into a bird to travel.  She is also connected with damselflies (dragonflies).  She rides a chariot driven by two grey cats, and rides a boar into battle as does her brother, Freyr (Norse God associated with farming, weather and fertility).

Freyja resides in Folkvangr where half of the bravest warriors who died in battle are sent.  She is the queen of the Valkyrie (the women who decide who will be slain in battle and transport them to their afterlife).  The other half of slain warriors are sent to Odin in Valhalla.  Frejya is often called upon to comfort those who are dying and ease them into the transition.
Freyja is very independent, answering to no-one.  She was married to Od, who disappeared under unknown circumstances.  She continued to search for him, crying tears of gold. Od had been banished and lost at sea. When Freyja found him, he had become a sea monster (for reasons unknown). And dispite his ugliness, Freyja stayed by his side and offered comfort to him.
Eventually Od the sea monster was slain.  Freyja was enraged and threatened to take her revenge for the slaying the most noble of the gods.  Fortunately Od was admitted to Valhalla - even though he had not died in battle - and was allowed visits from Freyja so that the two were never separated by his death.

Friday is the day named in her honour, and the number 13 is associated with her.  Friday the 13th is especially lucky to followers of this Goddess.  The strawberry is her fruit and cowslip, daisy, mistletoe and primrose are her herbs.


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  1. I love the image of Freyja wearing the cloak of Falcon feathers ... any chance you are the artist or can point in the direction of the artist?

  2. I believe it is from a tarot deck... I am having trouble finding which one though :/