Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Year and a Day....

Holy black cats Batman!!!
Practical Magick is celebrating a year and a day!!!

Okay... please excuse the Batman reference - what can I say... I'm a fan!

But anyways, it's hard to believe that my website is celebrating it's Year and a Day anniversary!  I've put so much into my site and it's no where near being complete... as my journey in paganism grows, so does the site.  I'd also like to thank everyone that has joined and/or visits my site... it truely means a great deal to me.

So why is a year and a day important in Wicca?
In many Pagan circles a year and a day is considered the time in which one studies and practices before
a) reaching the spiritual decision to dedicate oneself to the Craft,
b) being formally initiated into a coven, or
c) passing through the various degree levels in a coven.

Not only is my site celebrating it's year and a day.... my sister and I are as well.  We plan on doing a self-dedication ritual shortly after Samhain.

Did you study for a year and day?  Are you in a coven or a solitary Witch? 

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  1. I really should have, but hobbies got in the way. My year and a day continues to span throughout the years. :P

    Are you going to have another podcast for your year & a day? :)