Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Witches Allowed

Today, Witchlet #2 & #3 and I were walking up to the library. We stopped to look at the various halloween decorations that were displayed on the houses we pasted.

My five year old then shouted frantically, "Mama!!! Look at that house!"

Infront of the house was a light-up stop-sign-shaped decoration with a witch centered in it.

"Mama... you can't go there! No Witches allowed!"

Awwww, from the mouths of babes....


3 Thoughts:

  1. LOL, that's kinda funny! Or it would be if I hadn't had to spend several moments getting slammed for my spiritual choices. I vented on my witchy blog about it, rather than slap the man!!


  2. lol cute sign. kids crack me up its funny how they interpret everything. BB