Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitties N Gerbils...

I strive to add magick to daily mundane routines not only to help to introduce the children to my path, but it also helps me feel more complete. Can you be a complete Wiccan if you only do so on the Sabbats? I dont think so... Afterall, Wicca is more than sporting pretty robes and dancing under the moon...

But today it has occured to me...
there is NOTHING magickal about cleaning kitty litter and gerbil cages.


8 Thoughts:

  1. Very true and something I should be doing more of so that my son can see what being Wiccan is all about. Great post!

  2. *hehe* thanks hunnie!

    Is he interested in Wicca? My eldest wants her own alter... so I told her we would work on that this month :)

  3. He is because he is curious but so many people around here are Christian so he hears all of that too .... so I am not sure what to do

  4. NOT TRUE!! It just take a little extra 'visualization'. Just think of the litter box as your own personal stinky little zen garden!! :)

  5. Nope, nothing magickal about a litter box! I have to find the magickal in other things, because I don't think I can make it work over that sort of thing!! :P

  6. You know, I don't know anything about wicca, (My ideal robe is the one that goes well with slippers lol).
    To be honest its not a case of ignorance, just not something I've looked into, (Though I must admit I'm a little curious now, I might have a peek lol). Mind you religion isn't so popular in this country, if anything most churches are closing, in a sense it's kind of sad, religion aside, they have a beauty of their own. As for day to day, I just live my peace, I don't have a problem with things such as religions.

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