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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Witch's Garden

Every witch should have a garden.
Even city witches can have a mini indoor garden.
And this witch is no different -- I love my herb garden. I've even expanded it this year from a small 5 foot by 2 foot garden to a whopping 9.5 foot by 12 foot garden!! Currently my seedlings are sprouting in the toy room window, I can't wait to get them planted into the ground.

If you are just starting out your garden, check out the magickal properties of herbs to decide which ones will be best for you. Typically, plants found within a Witches Garden are; Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Mint, Catnip, Henbane, Marjoram, Thyme, Rue, Angelica, Bay, Oregano, Dill, and Basil.

Happy gardening!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bless a Spring Garden...

Bless a Spring Garden
-- 1 qt. milk
-- garden seeds or plants
-- 1/2 cup honey
-- 2 stakes or sticks for each garden row
-- 2 qt. container
-- pastel ribbon (1 for each stake)

-- small tree or bush branch with newly sprouted leaves & buds

Take all the materials outside to the garden. Mix the milk and honey together and pour it into a container. Place the branch in the container and set it aside.

Poke a stake in the ground at the beginning and end of each row, then sow the seeds and/or set the plants. Tie a ribbon bow around each stake, saying to the seeds & the plants in that row:

"Perfect love, I give to you. Sprout and thrive with life anew."

Pick up the container and using the branch, asperge the garden with milk and honey.
Consecrate it saying:

"Milk and honey flow through out,
Fertilize each seed and sprout.
Maiden, Green Man, dance & play,
Twirl and laugh here everyday.
Bring lush growth and green this spot
Every where you skip and walk."

Water the garden thoroughly and tend to its need each day.