Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Imbolc Festivities

I hope everyone had a wonderful Imbolc!

Our festivities started out wonderfully, but my husband has an uncanny knack for ruining things for me and by the end of the night, I was in tears. We are having some complications in our marriage right now, but that is not what this post is about... it's is about sharing our Imbolc events with you dear readers.

Our dinner went quite well. Our potato soup was delicious!
And our Blessed Bride Cakes turned out perfectly - even without the walnut meats!! As you can see, my sister had fun in the kitchen. The witchlets picked out the heart shaped pans, so we made mini-heart cakes.

My sister and witchlet daughters made their own Imbolc dance. My son was in charge of the music... I think he made a good choice. My nephew wasn't too sure about the whole ordeal.

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8 Thoughts:

  1. I have the very same dress as your sister... But the belly doesn't fit anymore! ahah

    I'm sorry to ear that your evening wasn't 100% perfect, I'm sending you good thoughs.

    The kids look like they had fun and everything looks delicious. We had crêpes with maple syrup here, it was good :)

  2. I know that feeling -- my belly doesn't fit in many of my dresses anymore either *lol*
    Thank you for your well-wishes :)

    Mmmm crêpes!! I love crêpes!

  3. Sorry to hear things aren't always great for you right now. Your cakes look yummy and a safer option than my crepe suzette!


  4. love the picture of your sister and the dancing witchlets... so cute... the cakes look yummy too... sorry to hear that there were tears at the end though....

  5. Hi there, I'm new! LOL. Sorry that your Imbolc had a crappy ending, I hope the wave smooths out soon. Those cakes look so good! <3

  6. Thank L -- glad you've joined me :)