Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams and a Give-Away

My witchlets, the girls in particular, are not fond of bedtime. We've tried several routines but only recently have found a nightly ritual that works for us and finally the girls are sleeping in their OWN beds all night long!!

After washing and getting their teeth brushed, we say our bedtime blessing:

Lady Mother, touch my head,
Keep Me snug and safe in bed.

Watch and hold me through the nig
Until I rise with morning's light!

Then we tuck the witchlets into bed. Each child has their own Sweet Dream Bottle. They take the cork out and inhale the aroma from the herbal blend and state a spell my daughter thought of:

Good dreams, good dreams.
Here to stay.
Bad dreams, bad dreams.
Go away.

My eldest witchlet thought it would be a wonderful idea to share our Sweet Dreams Bottles with others, so I am offering a GIVE-AWAY to my blessed readers. YAY! Our bottle is a 2 dram corked bottle. It is filled with a calming herbal blend of mugwort, lavendar, rose and lemon balm. There is a pewter moon and star affixed to the outside.

If you are intersted in being part of this give away, please leave me a comment. To qualify, you must be a subscriber to my blog. In a week's time ( February 6, 2010) I will have my eldest witchlet draw a name from a bag. I will contact you for your mailing address and that person will get one of our Sweet Dreams Bottles :)

Blessings & Good Luck!

9 Thoughts:

  1. How cute are those! I would love to win them! What a great idea. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

    Blessings )O(

  2. Oh my not only do I want to enter the contest, I want to use your idea. My granddaughter is having and awful time sleeping in her own bed. We allowed her to sleep with us during her summer visit, but now that the family moved here and are living with us.....well it seems like musical beds every night. Thanks so much for posting.....I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. Thanks ladies -- you will all be entered :)

    Ohh Linda! Good luck! I hope this works as well for you as it does for us! ♥

  4. Such a wonderful idea, I must try this with my girls.

  5. what a sweet idea... would love to enter in your giveaway... tell your witchlets way to go....

  6. Oh, I want to enter please! I'd need to try this too as my 19month old wakes up twice in the night.
    I need to see if I have one of those tiny bottle left in my supplies.... Great idea!

  7. Just stopping in to say how much I enjoy your blog. :)

  8. Thank you for commenting -- you have all been entering in the giveaway :)

    Thank you GoddessMum!!

    Maman -- I hope this works for your young one.

    MotherMoon -- I will tell them :)

    Chaotic-Dream -- Good luck, I'm sure your girls will enjoy it as well