Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New look....

I've been a busy lil witchy this morning...
I've spent the last few hours cleaning up my herb cupboard -- all my herbs are now in containers (rather than the small plastic bags I purchased them in) and stacked alphabetically. I even arranged my book shelf! Everything looks so tidy and organized now.

Today I will also be working on a new look for this blog -- so don't be surprized if you come back to visit and Broom Closet Confessions has had a makeover! Hopefully it won't take me long to add the new look.

Also -- I've decided to add what I call my Witch Board to the wall beside the computer. It is a cork board - with the Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Calendar to the right. A magnetic clip board to the left & open space above that -- not entirely sure what I will fill that space with yet, but I am very excited about the project! Once it is complete, I will post a picture of it for all to see.

I'm hoping to work on Practical Magick today as well... I'm quite pleased with how that site is coming along :)

Busy witch, indeed!!

3 Thoughts:

  1. Look good! Thanks for reminding me that I really,really need to organize my herbs....something to add to the to-do list! :)


  2. Oh, I need to buy myself some really nice jars too.

    I like the new look, a little less girly :)

  3. Good like with your organizing too Queen ;)

    Thanks Maman Tattoo! I am please with the less girliness too *hehe*