Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming Out!!

Well, it's a new year and I have taken a step out of my broom closet!! My mother is a faithful Christian. When I was 18 I had - shall we say - dabbled in the thought of becoming Wiccan. Mother always said that she would disown me if I were to choose that path. Need-less-to-say, now at the age of 29, I was hesitant to tell her about the direction my faith had taken. Chalk it up to New Years drunkenness, or perhaps being somewhen bewitched and inspired by the Blue Moon, but my sister and I both told our mother. All in all, it went much better than either of us had expected. Mother wasn't entirely please, but she was accepting of our choice. She even took home one of my books so she could understand better.

Although I am not ready to come out to my entirely family, I am quite happy with this step!

6 Thoughts:

  1. Congrats! I never really "came out of the broom closet and had a "sit down" with anyone. I just do my thing and when my family or in-laws began asking questions I would answer them. I found it easier for me and probably them as well, that way they could take in whatever they wanted to at the moment and feel like they were controlling the conversation. Plus, I honestly don't give a rats ass if my family or in-laws disagree with me : ) but I understand I'm not like most people in that regard.

  2. Congratulations! I'm still too afraid to take such a big step but I am more "open" with what I think, believe and do so some will probably start to wonder/question...I'll take it as it comes. Thanks for sharing your news, it's an inspiration!

  3. Félicitation!
    I bet you and your sister feel a little relief by that acceptance :D

  4. Thanks everyone!!
    The main concern I had about coming out, is/was the reprocussions it may have on the kids, since we are from such a small "Christian" town. But so far, so good!!

  5. Congrats hunny! I have come out to most everyone except for this one friend who I really need to come out to ... she is a Jehovah's Witness and tries to force her beliefs on me. And I just don't know how to tell her that I am not ever going to go down her path ....

  6. Thank you for stopping by my new blog and for leaving a lovely comment! I wish you well on the journey you are walking and strength to deal with all that it brings.