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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams and a Give-Away

My witchlets, the girls in particular, are not fond of bedtime. We've tried several routines but only recently have found a nightly ritual that works for us and finally the girls are sleeping in their OWN beds all night long!!

After washing and getting their teeth brushed, we say our bedtime blessing:

Lady Mother, touch my head,
Keep Me snug and safe in bed.

Watch and hold me through the nig
Until I rise with morning's light!

Then we tuck the witchlets into bed. Each child has their own Sweet Dream Bottle. They take the cork out and inhale the aroma from the herbal blend and state a spell my daughter thought of:

Good dreams, good dreams.
Here to stay.
Bad dreams, bad dreams.
Go away.

My eldest witchlet thought it would be a wonderful idea to share our Sweet Dreams Bottles with others, so I am offering a GIVE-AWAY to my blessed readers. YAY! Our bottle is a 2 dram corked bottle. It is filled with a calming herbal blend of mugwort, lavendar, rose and lemon balm. There is a pewter moon and star affixed to the outside.

If you are intersted in being part of this give away, please leave me a comment. To qualify, you must be a subscriber to my blog. In a week's time ( February 6, 2010) I will have my eldest witchlet draw a name from a bag. I will contact you for your mailing address and that person will get one of our Sweet Dreams Bottles :)

Blessings & Good Luck!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My Familiar: Sawyer

Every witch is said to have a familar; a close animal companion that supports the witch to the fullest extent. Most modern Wiccans prefer to think of their familiars not as spirits but as animals with whom they are psychically connected. I feel lucky to have been blessed with two such beings. Each brings something different to our relationship. This blog entry will be solely about my 9 mos old long hair chihuahua, Sawyer.

Last year I was diagnosed with P.M.D.D. (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) with severe anxiety attacks. I decided that I would invest in a small dog as petting dogs is said to aleviate anxiety. Since last spring, I have gotten my condition under control and my lil pup, Sawyer and I are practically inseperable. I call him my witchy pup because he is always interested in my Wiccan rituals. When I am at my alter, he is at my alter. When I am reading wiccan books, he has his nose right in the book as well. We are deeply connected.

Below is the blessing I did with Sawyer. Afterwards, I created a small collar for him with moon and star charms.


If you have more than one pet, be sure to do each pet separately. Light a white candle and then, holding your pet (or its picture), kneel before the altar and recite the following prayer:

O Great Horned God, father of the woodlands, and loving lord of all creatures that walk crawl, swim and fly.
A threefold blessing I humbly ask of thee on this special day:
May {pet's name} life be a long, happy and healthy one.
May (s)he always receive your divine protection.
And when our incarnations in this world cease to be, may we forever be reunited in the great Wiccan otherworld known as the Summerland.

Chant name of pet and "Blessed Be" three times.

source: http://www.spells4free.com

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shopping spree!!

I went book shopping last night. I really love my local Chapters store - although I was quite disappointed to see that the Wiccan section had been reduced from five shelves down to two. I was pleasantly surprized to finially run into a fellow Wiccan there as well. She was a tiny elderly woman, with long white hair pulled tighly back into a bun. She smiled sweetly and said "hello deary," that stereotypical witch way. I couldn't help but giggle to myself.

Added to my personal witchy library are: The Real Witches' Year by Kate West and The Witch's Almanac 2010 by Marie Bruce.

What books are you currently reading?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New look....

I've been a busy lil witchy this morning...
I've spent the last few hours cleaning up my herb cupboard -- all my herbs are now in containers (rather than the small plastic bags I purchased them in) and stacked alphabetically. I even arranged my book shelf! Everything looks so tidy and organized now.

Today I will also be working on a new look for this blog -- so don't be surprized if you come back to visit and Broom Closet Confessions has had a makeover! Hopefully it won't take me long to add the new look.

Also -- I've decided to add what I call my Witch Board to the wall beside the computer. It is a cork board - with the Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Calendar to the right. A magnetic clip board to the left & open space above that -- not entirely sure what I will fill that space with yet, but I am very excited about the project! Once it is complete, I will post a picture of it for all to see.

I'm hoping to work on Practical Magick today as well... I'm quite pleased with how that site is coming along :)

Busy witch, indeed!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am a very proud sister today...

My parents really spaced my sister and I out. She is 11 years and 8 mos my junior. She was, shall we say, an accidental blessing. Due to the vast age difference, her and I never really got along; we really had nothing in common. We had nothing in common and nothing to talk about.
Recently that has all changed. I moved back to my home town and she had an "accidental blessing" of her own. We've learned to lean on each other over the last few years and are the best of friends now.

I am so proud to say today, that she has graduated high school and will be attending college in the fall. Congrats Bre!! I am so proud of you! ♥

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pagan Parenting

People often say that they're afraid to come out of the broom closet -- what if their ex-spouse uses Wicca as a weapon in a divorce proceeding? What if a teacher singles out someone's child because mom and dad are Pagan? How do you find a balance that allows you to practice your faith, and yet still protect your rights as a parent?

Let’s talk first about child custody in divorce proceedings. There have been cases in which one spouse tries to remove children from the presence of the other in the belief that the parent might be practicing a religion that is harmful to the kids. In such cases, federal courts have been reluctant to get involved and have generally left decisions to state supreme courts, who tend to vary widely in their interpretations of law.

In New Hampshire, state courts will not examine any evidence concerning religion at all in a custody hearing, on the grounds that it would put the government into a position in which crosses the church-and-state barrier. In the State of Ohio, a 1992 ruling (Pater v. Pater) stated that custody "cannot be awarded solely on the basis of the parents' religious affiliations and that to do so violates the First Amendment to the United States Constitution." However, in some states, depending on what region of the country you are in, you may find yourself before a judge who proudly displays the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and who takes religious issues to be part of his domain. In ANY legal proceeding, you need to make sure you consult with an attorney.

In other cases, child welfare agencies have investigated complaints against Pagan or Wiccan families. Nearly universally, if a family has lost custody of a child to a government agency, it is because there was some other issue at play besides religion -- neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, or unsanitary living conditions. Bear in mind that unless there is an extreme situation taking place, it is rare for children to be removed from a home on the first visit by child welfare investigators.

If someone from a child protective agency comes to your home and asks to investigate, try to have a witness present. Learn ahead of time what your state's laws are regarding search and seizure. Find out if allowing law enforcement or child welfare agencies into your home without a warrent will waive your rights under illegal search. If it does, request that anyone who comes to your home have a warrant.

Finally, remember that there are ways you can help reduce the chance you'll face religious discrimination as a Pagan or Wiccan parent. Ultimately, education and communication are the key.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Green Man

The Green Man... do you see him??

My sister and I took this picture a few night ago while on our nightly walk.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming Out!!

Well, it's a new year and I have taken a step out of my broom closet!! My mother is a faithful Christian. When I was 18 I had - shall we say - dabbled in the thought of becoming Wiccan. Mother always said that she would disown me if I were to choose that path. Need-less-to-say, now at the age of 29, I was hesitant to tell her about the direction my faith had taken. Chalk it up to New Years drunkenness, or perhaps being somewhen bewitched and inspired by the Blue Moon, but my sister and I both told our mother. All in all, it went much better than either of us had expected. Mother wasn't entirely please, but she was accepting of our choice. She even took home one of my books so she could understand better.

Although I am not ready to come out to my entirely family, I am quite happy with this step!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Witchy Blinkies

I did not make any of these blinkies, I have found them online during my travels. If you have created any of them, please let me know so I can give proper credit :)