Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Practical Magick and New & Upcoming

I have created a new site... for myself, my sister and my sister witches. I am so proud of it. Practical Magick. It is basically serving as our online Book of Shadows, with each of us contributing to it. Feel free to pop over and take a peek if you like. Please keep in mind, it's a work in progress.

I am trying to convince my younger sister to blog with me... I will bring her to the blogosphere [insert evil laugh here].

Also... I was in a crafty mood the other day and my sister and I make pendulums! They turned out sooo beautifully!! I will do a mini tutorial on them soon; as well as a give free giveaway!!

~Blessed be

2 Thoughts:

  1. can't wait to read more.. and to see the pendulums you and your sister made...

  2. Looking forward to more. Hold your sister's hand....she'll be fine.