Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Crafted: Pine Cone Ornaments

Greetings to all those visiting from all those visiting from Domestic Witch's blog!! I am soo excited to be taking part in this activity.

This year, my witchlets and I have made pine cone ornaments to give to the granparents, friends and neighbours. They are super easy to make... the kids loved it... and [I think] they look beautiful on the tree!!

We started out by taking a nature walk to collect the majority of supplies (pine cones & greenery). Of course, these can also be purchased at a craft store.

Assemble everything you will need for crafting before hand. This is especially convenient for little fingers. Use your imagination, in addition to your pine cones and greenery, include things like ribbon, glitter/glitter glue, glue/hot glue gun, pipe cleaner, jingle bells, google eyes... the possibilities are limitless.

Glue a ribbon or pipe cleaner to the top of the pine cone in a loop. This will be what you use to hang the ornament on the tree. Be sure the glue is set and dry before continuing to the next step.

And here is the fun part... decorate your ornament!! We put sprigs of greenery atop of each pine cone, followed by a ribbon bow and some dangling jingle bells. The witchlets even used pom poms and googly eyes on a few of them! Dont forget to add some glitter or glitter glue to make them sparkle!

Good luck and happy creating!
~Blessed Be~

6 Thoughts:

  1. Merry Meet
    These pinecone ornaments are sweet. Just the ticket for my 2 grandkids. I just popped in to say come and visit me sometime as well. Nice meeting you.
    Blessings, Linda in New Mexico

  2. Greetings Linda!!
    I'm sure your grandkids will love making these!

  3. Lovely, think a walk in the woods is on the agenda for tomorrow. A nice post.


    Ps just noticed you grabbed my button! thanks, will do same for you.

  4. love the idea that you involve your grandkids... going out and hunting the pine cones is so much better than buying them... adorable... snatched your button and put it on my site...

  5. These are just beautiful, thank you so much for doing this!