Saturday, November 21, 2009

Steeped Tea

I love tea. My grandfather always told me the way to ruin a good cup of tea was to add sugar. I've always drank my tea black. No sugar. I've been very picky about my teas also. There are very teas that I truly enjoy as nothing could beat a plain cup of tea. Today was the Holiday Home Tour in my tour. A lady from Steeped Tea had a booth set up in one of the house. I hesitantly taste-tested a cup of one of her specialty teas -- and I was blown away... I loved it! Crème Carmello - a type of Rooibos. I have never tried loose-leaf tea before, but now I think I will never look back! I promptly bought some tea and an infusor. If you enjoy tea, I stongly recommend that you give this company a try!

1 Thoughts:

  1. I have to agree with your grandfather, i dont have sugar in tea, i do in coffee nan drank her Tea black to and i cant do it...its bitter.