Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Sacred Space

A wtich's alter is a personal, sacred space. It is a tool used to gather and focus magickal energies. It is a reflection of the witch herself (or himself) and is used to communicate with the Goddess.

Where ever the alter is placed, the area should be clean and clutter-free. I was disgusted this morning when I re-entered the bed room to find that my husband had emptied his workpants pockets on to my alter!! Pay stubs, post-its, screws and change strewn across my alter. If this had been the first time, I likely would have simply over-looked it... but it has been happening over and over, again and again. He seemingly disrespects my wishes when I ask him not to use my alter in such a way.

Where is your alter? Have you chosen an indoor one, and outdoor one - or perhaps both? I would love to hear about others' alters...

Blessed Be

4 Thoughts:

  1. I suggest leaving your an open box of tampon in the middle of his stuff. At least that worked for me with this problem. ;O)

  2. When I first found my path my husband was a mixture of things and his reactions would sometimes be passive-aggressive. Maybe you should talk to him when you're both in a good mood, about how sacred your altar is and how you expect him to treat it so.

  3. *lol* Thanks Mrs. B!!

    That's a great idea inannasstar. I will discuss it with him :)

  4. My altar is in front of our bed, and it's the only surface we got in our room. My bf didn't choose the pagan path, but he respects my sacred space. The only time he put something on the altar it's to get something he consider dangerous (his glasses or mine, perhaps) out of the Baby's reach.