Monday, November 9, 2009

Merry Meet!!

Merry meet & welcome to my newest adventure!
I guess I'll start this blog off by telling you a little about myself.
Currently, I am an "almost" thrity-something stay at home mother of three. I have been silently wishing to be following Wicca religion for about 10 years, but had never made the actual desicion to become Wiccan and study the Craft whole heartedly. Why be silent? That is actually quite a complex question. 1) My mother threatened to disown me years ago if I decided to become Wiccan. 2) I live in a very, very small and close knit community. I am sure that my sister and I are the only Wiccans in the vicinity.

I have had little support in my path from those I have told - only 3 friends and my sister are behind me. Even my husband is not pleased or supportive. I've decided to come out of my broom closet online in hopes to find other in similar situations.

As a domestic witch, I hope to bring the Goddess and magic into my everyday routines, and teach my children that there is magic all around us as long as we are open to it. Domestic Witch has a great little addition to her sidebar about Domestic Witch Housekeeping too... it's worth a click!!

Blessed Be

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