Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Flu Bug

Being freshly Wiccan, I have been experimenting with various herbal remedies. I found a shoppe on Etsy which sells Cold/Flu/Headache Relief satchets. I must say, I absolutely love their inhalation pouches. Yesterday my sinuses were so plugged. I spent much of the night "sniffing" the pouch I had bought for my sister. The result was amazing!!
How do you spell relief?

Check out their store here... and the inhalation sachet here.

3 Thoughts:

  1. I'm glad the herbal remedies careful, though, if you're concerned that' they're not supported by the FDA. Also, if you can catch the flu bug within 2 days, you can get Tamiflu from the doctor and it makes a huge difference..
    I'd want to start testing out herbals on colds and mild stuff, myself.

    Either way, you feel better, and that's wonderful1

    I'm about to grab your button, I love the variety of things your blog provides:)


  2. Sounds does it smell menthol-ie i know thats not a word and hope you get what i mean.

  3. Thanks Fae!!
    We're all feeling great now :)

    Ya... it really helped clear our sinuses :)